Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gallery viewer

Well, this week I intended to talk about the logo but I think this should be properly discussed with the team first. Besides, we still need the opinion of the creator of the original logo before deciding this. For all of those reason, I think it's better not to post it now. So, instead, I will talk about another feature of the site, the gallery. In the meeting last friday, me and Khang discussed a little about how the site viewers view the image. Well, the discussion mainly is about wether to make the gallery in Flash or not. I suggest that we should also find an alternative solution (which will use something like javascript) as a back up plan. We scan through some sites but haven't found anything interesting, yet. Guess what, I spent the weekend (no, really, I'm not lying, well, it wasnt the whole weekend but it took like two hours swimming through all those javascript sites out there for a decent image viewer codes, and that's a lot of time). Anyway, in the end I found these two great examples. Although I'm not sure wether it gonna be useful or not but I think it's worth a visit:
The first one is from Guyon Roche. The code is a little complicated because it feature some animation (looks great). Here's a screenshot but you should go to the link:

The second one is from Dynamic drive. This one simpler and I like it better, I have already seen some other sites use this style. The link also feature example, take a look if you like:

Of course, we will have some compatible issues with old browsers if we use these styles.


Dim Sum said...

I think the dynamic drive one is good. Do a test. As for compatibility issues, think about the target audience.

Will they be people that have the latest browsers updated?

If Tom is trying to target the animation industry people, most likey yes. So older browsers are not that much of an issue for the target audience. That is one of the reasons why a target audience is defined, to help make other decisions about functionality. We are designing for the end user.

Dim Sum said...
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