Sunday, November 18, 2007

The mocking(-up) bird

Hi! there you go, the mock-up! Not bad right? Told ya white, black, and yellow good made a great combination (did someone say grey? 'cos I heard someone say grey just now). Yup, a good combination (Is it just me or some one is shouting "liar"). Anyway, Khang came up with quite an interesting idea about the background. He wanted me to make a set of abstract backgrounds and he will make it randomly appear each time the pages reload. However, I think it's better for each page (each section to be exact) to have a background incorporate with it. With(out) that idea in mind, I came up with this first abstract background. It has a "v" ("v" for "vinamation" or "v" for "vendetta") shape that also looks like wings. Did anyone notice the logo? yup, new logo! yay! well, it's not that great just something I created out of the blue since I didn't have the real one with me when I make the layout. There's two version of them. I'll post both and talk about them next week (why next week? because it worth a blog post, duh). Oh, and notice the part of the "v" that stick out? It represent the idea of creativity like "thinking outside of the box" or something like that (what? really? I didn't notice when designing I just thought it would be fun and... oops!). Oh anyway, that's all thanks for reading this post.


Dim Sum said...

The content box needs to be closer to the top. The layout is pretty clean. Have you talked to the client about the Logo change as well?

dxk said...

I thought it should be that low in case we use drop-down menu for sub sections in the future so the content will not be hidden by them but, come to think about it... yeah, it a little too low, I will think about it. It looks clean because we havent got any content to put in. Besides it is an early mock-up after all. The logo, well, I already mentioned that the logo is just something I made because I didnt have the original with me when I make the layout although if it is ok, I might ask the client seeing what he think about it(made it in a rush anyway, found it to be quite interesting, though, blended well with the layout dont you think?) but the old one is will be fine too I dont think it will effect the layout much. Oh, and about the color change, yeah... Tom did mentioned that we can change if we want, we will discuss this with him in the next meeting.