Sunday, November 18, 2007

Vinamation website progress

We're done with the draft of the grant chart for the whole group, details will be posted on BaseCamp some time later after we're done with them. In general, we'll begin working on the html for the main pages (home, contact, company info, etc) which should take about half a week or less (depending on our individual schedule), after that, a lot of effort should be put on the artist cafe and site gallery, which are the main and informational sections of Vinamation website.

This is how I'm going to implement the site's functionality:

for the artist cafe, there will be a flash menu (which I talked about in the previous post), but chances are that we'll make it completely in flash, not just a flash menu that links to different webpages to show information about different artists.

for the gallery, depending on the amount of information from Vinamation, we'll make it in PHP SQL or Ajax XML, or both, if we can manage to 'make both ends meet' :D. The menu will be in flash too.

As discussed earlier, we'll include 2 languages for the site, En and Vn. This will be done with PHP. What I'm thinking now is whether it's advisable to add some more skin ( or at least 1 more skin ) to the site, and to build a lite version (without flash) so that people under most conditions can access Vinamation at ease, waht would you guys think about this?


Dim Sum said...

A non-flash version would be nice, but you must watch your time. Would you provide it in both English and Vietnamese. If so, then it would be 4 versions of the site you're creating.

Why have you decided ito make the entire site in Flash instead of just the buttons. Will there be animation throughout the pages?

Khang said...

Oh i'm sorry we didnt specify the information clear enough. The thing is, we'll only create the flash menu for the gallery and artist cafe (rather than the entire site), and the chances are that there'll be 2 versions of those menu (for En and Vn). The rest of the site is purely HTML, PHP and mySQL, so the language packs can be added with the use of PHP

With that in mind, there wont be much transition throughout the pages, except for the gallery and artist cafe, where we intend to mainly use flash...