Sunday, November 25, 2007


here are some important points that we have done this week:
- Group proposal did collect and submit on friday
- General arrangement for each person's role in the next progress of project
- Contact with client about next meeting (problem, talk about this later)
- Planning and scheduling when and how long this project will be finished.

I have just contacted with Tom about our next meeting. But we got some problems for the time meeting. Because when Tom is free, then we are busy and vice versa. So until now, we are still not unified about the time.

Collecting content for the website, we still can not get that until next week b/c Tom will have to talk sth with his artist on Monday before send it to us.

I also got some problems with using basecamp [sigh.............] maybe I need a tutor for it [LOL]

note: if.... Tom can't arrange his schedule for our meeting next week, I think perhaps we should change our schedule a little bit ----> approving for our mock-up, structure, wireframe and collecting any other infomation, resource should be delayed.

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