Sunday, November 11, 2007


Sorry for posting so late, I was busy playing with my ps ... er ... I mean photoshop, yes, I was busy working with photoshop. The problem is, after the first meeting with our client, I have been thinking about the color template used for the website. Since he said that he want a unique color and the current one have been by some other company. Well, the truth is, he didn't said he want to change but I think it might be better if we can come up with some different color that might haven't been used by any other company. The mood is quite clear now, funny, creative, innovative, professional. Right now, for our website, I'm thinking about a combination of grey and a light shade of yellow with a white background (or a dark one, I just want to make sure it's not too bright, there's some examples below). Yellow would be nice because according to color in motion , it means creative, playful, expanding which is pretty much describe our client. It may be a little kiddy, though. Here are some examples I found on colorlovers :

This is yellow by COLOURlover: (a little too dark but may be it'll look good with grey)

Belgium Streets by Libbywalters: (Does not look as much like yellow anymore but still a nice color to consider)

Bubbles haircolor by mm184nomore: (I like this color but may be a little too bright but I think it will blend well with grey)Almost gold by smixili: (err... I think I like this one)

Of course I still need to create a layout and try these colors on before I can come up with the final decision but this is some of my first thought thank you for your reading.

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Dim Sum said...

The colors are great and I agree with your decision on the last one. Have you discussed the color change with the Client yet? As their business cards have already been printed with the other colors...