Wednesday, January 2, 2008

from now on, we just have 2 weeks left for completing the whole project. A lot of works we have to finish, a lot of troubles are occuring. Frist of all we have to finish the prototype, then the survey.....We really really got problem with getting resources from client. We have contacted and hurried them 4 or 5 weeks ago (until now) in sending some resources to us....but no response They gave us a day for sending something but nothing be sent. Tonight, they gave us a promise in sending something.........waiting.
About the content, because the client hired a person (Ms Cuc) to take a writing content responsibility. So we have to wait (again) get the content from her. But we have no idea how the content is going, because Ms Cuc's taking her holiday in HongKong........and we can't contact with her

Monday, December 24, 2007

Flash menu web interface progree

Today we had a small discuss regarding the site's layout and the flash menu. We updated the html and css so that the entire content is always centered, no matter which screen resolution the user is using and we changed some minor elements in the pages.

As for the flash menu, I completed the loading and parsing images from XML files and am now adding visual styles. We came up to some challenge regarding the area needed to display the thumbnails and the main contents, so the layout of the menu might be re-designed to match the new requirements and specifications

We'll announce more changes and updates if any. For now, Meery Christmas and Happy New Year :)

Cya all 'round!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas is coming near everybody! Guest what I got this year, work! work! woooork! Oh, and what's else? MORE WORK! That's it! I've had enough of it! %$#@&^ *put your worse possible complaints here* . Well, that's was good, it feel great to shout out your resentment from time to time (even with keyboard). Back to *sigh* work, I have finished editing the artists' pictures, Khang is still working on the flash menu. Also, we change the layout a little bit. We are still discussing about it so I can't show it now. That's it for this week. Have a merry Christmas! I know I won't... Oh! I added links to other teams' blogs, sorry for being late.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

This week's summary

It's been quite a hectic week. Still, compare to what I am expecting from the next week, it is nothing. Alright, enough with all the whining, let's get to business. Well, here are the summary of this week.
First of all, we have just recieved the draft from the copyrighter and we are also arranging a meeting with her this weekend. We hope that, through the meeting, we will be able to discuss more about the website's content.
Secondly, well, it isn't too serious to consider as a problem but still, it's worth to be mentioned. It's about the flash menu. We were expecting it to be finished this week but turn out everything went way over control that we couldn't get it done. The coming week will be even more hectic so I afraid that we can't keep up with our schedule at this rate. But then, Khang is working on it and he said he will try to get it done by the end of the next week. If he is able to do that then we will be back on track, hopefully. That's all for this week from me may be Xuan will give more detail.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


We're still working on the main part of the website (the flash menus) up to this week, so for now there won't be as many in-between posts. I expect to present a full and comprehensive website with all menus and features when we're done!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

This week's summary

It's been a hard week (not as hard as the week to come but, whatever). Okay, enough with that, still, it's mean that we haven't completed anything this week. But, well, disregard that, we got a long meeting this morning. At least, we was able to went through some of the issues and finished discussing about what needed to be done for the presentation. We also agreed on some little changes about the layout (which I was unable to get it done right now, sorry). That's the short part. The long part, which took the whole afternoon and this evening was for making the prototype which we hope to be finished tomorow. That's all, oh, here's the layout, nothing much, just change the logo, that's all, all the new things will be added later.
everything are quite stuck in this week. We don't get any information from client's artists yet. And we got a quite bad mark for proposal. That's really our fault and we are going to fix that ASAP before our presentation.
Problem: because Vinamation website's content will be written by a person, Ms Cuc, who doesn't work at Vinamation studio. And She have to get enough information that will be sent by Tom, before she completes and send them to us. But Tom is quite busy, as she said,........... so we have to wait and wait. But Ms Cuc will send us her draft tomorrow.