Sunday, December 2, 2007

The second meeting & feedback

okay, we are going to talk about the second client meeting for this week. I did make an appointment with Tom for our next meeting and the meeting was on Saturday. Our groups had just 2 members available for this meeting. Because, one more member, Duc, got his family business. So he couldn't come that day.

The meeting was at Tom's studio and we really got a successful & friendly meeting with gathering nearly enough all resources & infomations from Tom and his artists. We also had a discussion with Tom about How the website will be displayed, looked like and arranged. And He looks really satisfied and interested in our idea.

We also got a good response for our proposal, especially mock-up

About the content of Vinamation's website, Tom said that Ms Cuc will responsible for sending us the specific content with both two languages, Vietnamese and English. So the only job we must do first is sending her the site map of the site before she completes the content and send back to us.

We are waiting for the artists' profile and images to complete the artist's cafe pages. The deadline for gathering all artists' information is next Tuesday

everything absolutely in progress

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