Sunday, December 9, 2007

This week's summary

It's been a hard week (not as hard as the week to come but, whatever). Okay, enough with that, still, it's mean that we haven't completed anything this week. But, well, disregard that, we got a long meeting this morning. At least, we was able to went through some of the issues and finished discussing about what needed to be done for the presentation. We also agreed on some little changes about the layout (which I was unable to get it done right now, sorry). That's the short part. The long part, which took the whole afternoon and this evening was for making the prototype which we hope to be finished tomorow. That's all, oh, here's the layout, nothing much, just change the logo, that's all, all the new things will be added later.

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Dim Sum said...

It looks better. Looking forward to the presentation