Sunday, December 16, 2007

This week's summary

It's been quite a hectic week. Still, compare to what I am expecting from the next week, it is nothing. Alright, enough with all the whining, let's get to business. Well, here are the summary of this week.
First of all, we have just recieved the draft from the copyrighter and we are also arranging a meeting with her this weekend. We hope that, through the meeting, we will be able to discuss more about the website's content.
Secondly, well, it isn't too serious to consider as a problem but still, it's worth to be mentioned. It's about the flash menu. We were expecting it to be finished this week but turn out everything went way over control that we couldn't get it done. The coming week will be even more hectic so I afraid that we can't keep up with our schedule at this rate. But then, Khang is working on it and he said he will try to get it done by the end of the next week. If he is able to do that then we will be back on track, hopefully. That's all for this week from me may be Xuan will give more detail.

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