Sunday, December 2, 2007

Some ideas that's came out from this week's meeting

Well, on our last meeting, which was on Friday’s night, we discussed many things about the project (and many other things). Over the weekend, I have given some thoughts about it and here are things that I have to say:
First, about the idea of making each section an abstract picture, my teammates think that it is quite unnecessary. However, I think that it would be nice if we can make that, it will become an interesting feature of the site. RememberFlickr? Everytime you log in, the welcome line change! Although it may be unnecessary, but it make the site more unique and enhance the user’s experience. It will also helps to maintain the site’s navigation.
Second, about the artist café, I can’t join the client meeting on Saturday because I have some business to take care of (don’t get any funny idea now, people!). But I think that it may be nice to have a summary of the artist’s profile beside the interview. This should be nice because most site’s viewer are people who come to search for information and of course, they don’t have much time reading through a whole interview.
Thirdly, A personal gallery for each artist would be nice, too. However, if I remember correctly, Tom said that the artists don’t have many personal artwork. Well, if the client meeting confirm this then may be it won’t be needed at all. If that’s the case, then may be we can include the works in the interview page (and may be this is where those javascript image viewer I posted last week kicks in since we all agree that the company’s gallery will be in flash).
That's it. Thanks for reading
PS: sorry, no image for this week's post, just walls of text, enjoy, muhahahahah

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Dim Sum said...

Thoughtful post. If the artists don't have much work, then yeah a separate gallery is not needed. Thumbnails can be included on their profile page with popups or a slideshow.