Wednesday, January 2, 2008

from now on, we just have 2 weeks left for completing the whole project. A lot of works we have to finish, a lot of troubles are occuring. Frist of all we have to finish the prototype, then the survey.....We really really got problem with getting resources from client. We have contacted and hurried them 4 or 5 weeks ago (until now) in sending some resources to us....but no response They gave us a day for sending something but nothing be sent. Tonight, they gave us a promise in sending something.........waiting.
About the content, because the client hired a person (Ms Cuc) to take a writing content responsibility. So we have to wait (again) get the content from her. But we have no idea how the content is going, because Ms Cuc's taking her holiday in HongKong........and we can't contact with her

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